University Church of St Mary the Great
Thursday, 22 February 2024 in 3h 53 (24–1–1 in D)
5760 Doubles (48m)
1 extent of Winchendon Place, St Nicholas Bob, St Remigius Bob, Huntley Place, Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place, Huntspill Bob, New Bob, St Vedast Bob, Blaisdon Bob, Camelion Bob, Evening Star Place, All Saints Place, Quirister Bob, St Augustine Bob, Morning Star Bob, St James Bob, Cathedral Place, Minster Place, Chevasse Place, Maltby Bob, Callender Bob, Montgomeryshire Place, Wainfleet Place, Bampton Place, Twineham Bob, Fifield Bob, St Ouen Place, Cippenham Place, Blackburn Place, Westminster II Bob, St Hilary Bob, Dragon Place, Shipway Place, Suffolk Place, Shropshire Bob, Warwickshire Bob, Worcestershire Place, Lavender Place, Lancashire Bob, Hertfordshire Bob, Herefordshire Bob, Nottinghamshire Bob, Primrose Bob, St Martin's Bob, St Simon's Bob, St Osmund Bob, Eynesbury Bob, Plain Bob
1 Jonathan A Agg (C)
2 William T Bosworth
3 Henry J W Pipe
4 Luke T W Smith
5 Richard A Smith
Rung in memory of Andrew Johnson, and also for the 300th anniversary of the Cambridge Youths.
The first 5-bell peal rung in the tower.
Believed to be the first peal in this set of 48 methods (all possible palindromic four-lead methods with a 125 or 123 lead end).

This performance is linked to the event Society of Cambridge Youths — Society's 300th Anniversary Year

This performance was rung In memoriam — Andrew Johnson