Irish Association
Belfast, Down
St Donard, Bloomfield
Monday, 24 October 2022 (9–1–2 in A♭)
Service and General Ringing
Peter Brown
Vyvyenne Chamberlain
Billy Chapman
Michael Crockett (grandson)
Robert Foulis
Colin Holliday
Jonathan Houston
John Jeffery (grandson; backstrokes)
Maud Lindsay
Julia Lysaght
Chiara McBrien
Denise McLean
Don McLean
Ian McCullagh
Adam McCurdy
Morris O’Reilly
Daniel Orsi
David Taylor
Cara Telford (great-granddaughter, aged 4; chiming)
Cherie Telford (granddaughter; single bell)
Simon Walker
Andrew White
Service and open general ringing on the day of Jean Jeffery’s funeral.
Mike Pomeroy, Association Ringing Master and long term friend of Jean is associated with this ringing.

This performance was rung In memoriam — Jean Jeffery

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