St Magnus the Martyr, London Bridge
Friday, 30 September 2016 in 3h 18 (26–3–9)
5040 Spliced Maximus (8m)
672 each Bristol S, Rigel S; 624 each Ariel S, Avon D, Phobos S, Strathclyde S, Zanussi S; 576 Orion S; 25 changes of method, all the work
Composed by J H Potter (arr R O Hall)
1 Susan L Apter
2 David J Dearnley
3 James H Foster
4 John N Hughes-D'Aeth (C)
5 Shirley E McGill
6 Stephen A Coaker
7 Mark R Eccleston
8 Andrew J Graham
9 Robin O Hall
10 Thomas B Mack
11 Paul N Mounsey
12 Paul J Tiebout
With the band's best wishes to Jim Foster and Cristiano Medori, to be married on Saturday 8th October.