Doubles of the Month

This pathway was active from 1 January 2023 until 31 December 2023.

If you’d like a change from Plain Bob and Grandsire, try our Doubles of the Month!

It won’t always be a method – one of the adventures of doubles ringing is variations, so as well as methods we’ll feature specific variations, or calls, frontworks or backworks. Our first Doubles of the Month (Jan 2023) was Southrepps Doubles, a simple variation.

A lot of the methods, variations, calls and works we’ll feature are included in the Little Purple Ringing Book, which includes details of 173 methods and 82 variations, on four to ten bells, ranging in difficulty from Reverse Canterbury Doubles to Stedman Triples.

We’re anticipating many bands will ring quarter peals of each Doubles of the Month, but you can ring peals, extents, touches or just plain courses.

In 2023 we are encouraging bands to try ringing eighth peals, around half the length of a quarter peal. Six extents of the Doubles of the Month would make 720 and be the ideal eighth peal.

  1. Southrepps Doubles
  2. All Saints Place Doubles
  3. Bluebell Doubles
  4. Camelion Bob Doubles
  5. May Day Doubles
  6. St Remigius Bob Doubles
  7. Plain Bob Doubles
  8. The Old Single
  9. Stedman Bob Doubles
  10. Poyle Bob Doubles
  11. Erin Doubles
  12. St Nicholas Bob Doubles

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Rosemary Humphrey 2 2
The Bellerphons 2 2

Recent performances

Wednesday, 8 February 2023Ringing Room, UK1260 All Saints Place Doubles
Saturday, 28 January 2023Ringing Room, UK1260 Southrepps Doubles

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