Use either an asterisk or percent sign as a wild card: N* Pitstow will match entries for N Pitstow or Nathan John Pitstow, as well as a fictional Malcolm N Pitstow or M Nathan Pitstow.

Enter a search term enclosed in double quotes to return entries matching that exact search term only: "Nathan Pitstow" will match entries for Nathan Pitstow only, but will exclude entries for Nathan John Pitstow and any other variations on the exact search term.

Enter a search term without a wild card or double quotes to return all entries including those words in that order: Pitstow will match all entries that include the word Pitstow, and N Pitstow will match N J Pitstow but not Nathan Pitstow.

To search for two alternative versions of a name, separate them with the | character: for example, John Jones|Jack Jones. This is also useful for finding all of a person’s performances when they have changed name.

To search for performances in which two people rang together, use the Ringer and Other ringer boxes. These will appear if Display advanced functionality is selected.

To search for performances in which a ringer rang a particular bell, use the Other ringer and Their bell boxes. Bells can be specified relative to the tenor, e.g. with n-2 or simply n for the tenor. For hand bells, only one of the bells rung should be listed, so 1 finds the ringer of the trebles.