Performance rating

Our featured performance is determined by you, the users of BellBoard. If you have logged in, when you view a performance, you will be shown a link to Like this. Clicking this will increment the performance’s score by 1 point. Our featured performance is the performance with the highest score. The next four highest scoring performances are also listed on the front page.

The value of points allocated by liking a performance gradually decay over time. One week after liking the performance, your like is only worth half a point; after two weeks it’s worth quarter of a point, and so on. This gives a chance for new performances to get their chance on the front page.

Users who have opted to only see, for example, peals in their user preferences will see the highest rated performance matching their criteria.

There is a longer list of performances ordered by score. We also have pages showing all our featured performances, and the most-liked performances ever.