5016 Spliced Maximus (10m)
Composed by D J Pipe
1056 Gluon Little Alliance; 576 each Plain Bob, Strange, Top; 480 each Down, Up; 432 Lepton Little Bob; 336 Charm; 264 Baryon; 240 Meson; 215 changes of method; all the work for all 12 bells.
1234567890ET Top
2134567890ET Up
1234TE098765 Strange
567890ET4321 Down
TE0987654312 Charm
7890ET654321 Meson
78563409TE21 Charm
43658709TE12 Down
90785634TE21 Strange
12ET43658709 Up
21ET90785634 Top        10ths
2T10E8967534 Lepton      8ths
2T10E8973645 Plain Bob   6ths
2T10E9384756 Gluon       4ths
2T1E30495867 Gluon       2nds
213T4E506978 Baryon      2nds
67859403E2T1 Gluon       4ths
678905E4T312 Gluon       6ths
67890ET51423 Plain Bob   8ths
67890ET12534 Lepton     10ths
12 part

This composition was rung on Saturday, 17 September 2022 at Tulloch.